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Edjet Help Center: Search results

Getting started on Edjet

Need further help getting started with Edjet? Then this is the right place to start.

Search for courses

How to find and search for courses and to refine your searching using filters.

Enroll in courses

How to enroll in course you want to take and information about completing course.

Uploading course package

Learn how you can upload courses to Edjet in a few easy steps, what formats are supported and how to fix problems.


Find out when the certificate is issued and where the certificates can be accessed.

Creating & editing course

Learn what are the options you have to create courses and how you can create and edit a new course.

Manage courses & settings

You can create new courses, manage existing courses and it’s settings conveniently on one place.

Viewing courses

Learn how to view the course content using easy to use controls.

Course history

How to view course history and restore any older version of your course.

Editor interface

Course Editor and it’s interface is used to create and edit interactive courses.

Like or dislike

How to let a course creator know that like or dislike the course.

Content editing

Using text, image, box, video and button elements, styles, transformation and other available tools and feature to create and edit interactive course content.
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