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Uploading course package

Who can upload courses?

Anyone can upload courses to Edjet.

Uploading courses

You can upload course ZIP package to Edjet in a few easy steps.

To upload course package:

  1. Click on Upload at the top of the page.
  2. Click on Upload a file or drop file into upload area.
  3. Select the course you’d like to upload from your computer.
  4. The course package is being uploaded and extracted to the Edjet cloud.
    Note: This can take longer time. Do not refresh page and do not use go back or forward in your browser.
  5. After successful upload, you are redirected to the course settings page and you can edit information and the settings of the course. Publishers will also be able to adjust their Monetization settings.
  6. Uploaded course is set to be private (only you can view it).
  7. To allow other people to view the course you need to change course privacy settings.

Keep in mind: You can always change privacy settings at a later time.

Uploading or creating first course will enable your course manager.

Using course manager, you can create new courses, manage existing courses and it’s settings, delete courses and many more.

Find out more about creating course using Edjet Editor.

Upload courses bigger than 15MB

By default, you can upload course packages that are up to 15MB of the size.

You can upload bigger courses by following the steps to upgrade your account to paid plan.

Note: Make sure you’re using an up-to-date version of your browser so you can upload files reliably. The maximum file size you can upload to Edjet is 100MB during Beta.

My course is bigger than 100MB

If your course is larger than 100MB, try compressing your course assets.

Videos, images, attachments and other files can be edited before inserting to the course.

A common way to reduce your course package size while still keeping the videos and images quality high:

  • To compress a video is to encode it using the H.264 codec.
  • To compress images use JPG for photos and PNG for screenshots.
  • To compress PDF use a "web preset" in your PDF reader.

Supported course formats

You can upload course in any format.

The following course formats are supported to be viewed and completion is tracked:

  • SCORM 1.2
  • SCORM 2004 4th Edition
  • SCORM 2004 3rd Edition
  • SCORM 2004 2nd Edition

If you’re not sure which format to export your course, make sure that you’re using one of the formats listed above.

Uploading unsupported format of course

When you upload a course package, that Edjet is currently unable to detect and display, you will see an error message on a course page in the content area. Example:

"NoSuchKeyThe specified key does not exist.11094asd84cadaab15bae6/6ba5483e4blb/asd"

Unsupported course cannot be viewed, tracked and we cannot show a package/format details, but it can still be downloaded by other people and uploaded to their LMSs. Also, when we add a support for a new formats, the course will become viewable and trackable automatically.

Keep in mind: For unsupported course please add format and any other additional info manually using the course settings page.

Course stuck during upload

Uploading times vary depending on the course size, your internet connection, and upload traffic.

Upload could take anywhere from a few seconds to several hours.

If you’re experiencing any issues, we recommend:

  • Let your course finish uploading to Edjet.
  • Make sure the file type (ZIP) and file size are matching requirements.
  • Check your Internet connection. If you are on mobile connection, try to find a place with better reception if possible.
  • If none of above helps, just try again later.

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Paul S
• 01/09/2021, 10:04 Edited
Can you please explain to your users how to disable this function. And please allow more word count in your comments so that all text would fit into one post instead of being broken down onto 3 small segments!
Paul S
• 01/09/2021, 10:01
Continued... I am not happy for my learners to display my assets on their own lms as I won't be able to track how it is used and who it is shared with. I have tried to submit my query via email, but it bounces back as spam every time.
Paul S
• 01/09/2021, 09:57
There is no information on how to disable download in the published course. There is an option on learner's end called "download", next to " access" button. This "download" button allows the learner to "Get the downloadable package that can be uploaded to your LMS."
• 11/11/2019, 05:59
• 01/09/2018, 19:46

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