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Technical difficulties

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• 04/05/2023, 16:07
dersler gözükmüyor
• 11/20/2020, 03:56
I can't read anything on the screen which is literally blank and the course I tried refers to an evaluation test. How am I supposed to interact with the information?
• 08/26/2020, 23:02
This was a great concept, but the execution is questionable. I've had to start over again a number of times. I keep getting 'an error has occurred' message and just when I've figured it out and moved to the next stage it's something else, with the same error message. You misspell a word, it kicks you out. Size too big, kicked out. If you have A LOT of time on your hands and want to play around, this is for you. Free should not mean bad quality.
real name not provided
• 08/07/2020, 13:42
I cannot continue using this course creator tool. There are so many annoying features like the edit windows which you cannot drag around so cover the content. Images upload into a massive size and its not straight forward to re-size them. To top it off the editor kicks me out with 'an error has occured' so I have lost the work from the last time I clicked save. Very disappointing
Fabio Daniel
• 06/06/2020, 01:11
The course creator keeps kicking me out not saving anything and telling me that an error has occurred, anything I might be doing or not doing to be causing this issue?
• 07/23/2019, 16:31
what is the architecture of the edjet platform

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