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Comments • 93

James Pace
• 06/30/2023, 14:24
Course not loading
• 04/27/2023, 15:19
Hiç açılmıyo çok kötü
Rukiye kaya
• 04/11/2023, 20:35
Çok iyi bir uy bulama
• 04/04/2023, 17:51
Slaytı doğru düzgün açmıyor ve bundan fazlasıyla şikayetçiyim düzgün atmadığından dolayı diğer yolları da denedim ama olmadı
real name not provided
• 01/11/2023, 18:27
• 12/12/2022, 15:42
I just registered on the site. I tried registering for a free course but got an error: "Error sending purchase notification" and 'NoSuchKey The specified key does not exist.... Its got what looks like a token across the top of the screen which looks very ugly. The cause seems to be that my email isn't verified yet. So I think it needs to fail more elegantly in that case, and show a more human-friendly message to tell the user what is actually wrong.
Stachen Frederick
• 06/12/2022, 18:07
Trying to upload a video and it keeps on saying "An error occurred. Sorry for any inconvenience." and the only prompt is to Exit Editor which boots me right out . I have uploaded a screen image
Mrs. Rucker
• 04/30/2022, 14:58
Not loading course in the window.
• 03/31/2021, 18:45
Panther Financial
• 02/20/2021, 22:00
How come, I can't duplicate a page when in the Editor? It does not seem to work, like the other functions do.
• 10/31/2021, 13:09
Me to
• 09/19/2021, 15:59
Benimki de oyle
Michael Renzulli
• 02/09/2021, 20:57
It seems like you guys have no customer service at all...
Michael Renzulli
• 02/08/2021, 22:37
Hi, I see you include certification in your plans. Nevertheless, the certification button is not working. When is it going to be activated and also how do I upload a PDF as part of my e-course?
Dr.Faten H. Al-Kadei
• 01/23/2021, 15:00
I cant enable to use any template and I cant use edjet editor
• 01/13/2021, 08:10
derslerle ilgili şeyleri açmıyor
• 10/31/2021, 18:34
• 01/11/2021, 08:15
I cant enable the download button on any courses that I create. I want people to have access to content offline as well if they ever need it as it is healthcare content.
Paul S
• 01/10/2021, 19:14
Cannot disable the DOWNLOAD button. I don't want people uploading my content on their own LMS. The emails to support bounce back. Edjet does feel like an abandoned project. Petty as I was considering to get paid subscription.
Sonya McPherson-Hills
• 12/01/2020, 11:24
cant upload an mp4 video keeps saying 'error has occurred'
Marcella LaBelle
• 11/15/2020, 21:35
I can't see the course I signed up for
Tim Piccirillo
• 11/02/2020, 15:31
People can't access my files. It says "purchase error". I have the course offered for FREE. Help?
• 10/12/2020, 19:24

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