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Enroll in courses

Understanding course information

Course page present an essential information about the course so you can decide whenever to take the course or not.

Language inform about the language of the course content. It may vary from language used in description or course name.

Length is the estimated time required to complete a course (in minutes). It may vary from actual time needed to complete the course by you.

Skill level indicates a difficulty of the course and required skill level. If not sure, you can look more in description or ask creator about prerequisites directly.

Features inform about the content attributes like responsiveness or if the audio or video is present. See list of course features with description.

Certificate of completion indicates if certificate is issued upon course completion. If yes a validity of certificate is displayed (in months).

Course features

Feature Description
Editable Course content is either editable online (Edjet type) or has source files/code bundled within package.
Responsive Course content is responsive and mobile or tablet friendly.
Audio Course contain audio elements such as narration, sounds or music.
Video Course contain videos.
Quizzes Course contains quizzes.
Accessible Course content is accessible by accessibility standard.
Plugin free Course doesn't require any external plugins such as Flash, Silverlight or JAVA to run.

Enrolling in the course

When you find a course you want to take, the first step is to enroll in the course.

To enroll in the course, visit the course page and click button Enroll or the live preview area.

Note: Some course might not be available to enroll to you. See more here.

Course is not available for enrolling

The course might be not available for enrolling for following reasons:

The course is paid and the license have to purchased first.

How to proceed:

Listing & filtering enrolled courses

To list all course you’ve enrolled, click Library in navigation bar at the top of the screen and choose Enrolled.

List of enrolled courses can be refined by status (All courses, In progress, Completed) by using filter above the Enrollments list.

Find a last enrolled course

To search for the course you’ve enrolled in:

  1. Click Library in navigation bar at the top of the screen.
  2. Click In progress to go to page listing all incomplete courses enrolled by you.
  3. Last enrolled course is on the top.

Tip: You can search enrolled courses by course name, description or publisher by using a search input above the enrollments list.

Completing the course

Conditions when the course is set completed depends on individual course design.

For example, some courses are completed when you visit all pages and some course might require to achieve minimum score in quizzes.

Certificate of completion

When the course have been completed, a certificate will be issued (if applicable).

Find out more about certificates.

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