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Using transformations you can rotate, scale, move and skew element.


All transform options for the selected element are listed in The Inspector panel below styles ans Interactivity.

Rotate (3D)

To control element rotation, use sliders in the Rotate section.

To reset rotation, set values Rotate Z, Rotate Y, Rotate X to 0º.

Scale (3D)

To control element scaling, use sliders in the Scale section.

To reset scale, set values Scale X, Scale Y, Scale Z to 100%.

Move (3D)

To control element offset, relative to it original position, respecting a perspective of the scene, use sliders in the Move section.

To reset move, set values Move X, Move Y, Move Z to 0px.


This property allows you to change the perspective on how 3D elements are viewed.

Keep in mind: Perspective applies only to 3D transformed elements.

Enabled – if element should be affected by perspective

Distance – distance control the intensity of the distortion: lower value = perspective is more intensive

Origin X, Y – control the position of viewer relative to the element

Backface – if a back side of the element should be rendered

Skew (2D)

To control element skew, use sliders in the Skew section.

To reset skew, set values Skew Y, Skew X to 0º.

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