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Editor interface

The Editor is used to create new courses from templates or edit your existing courses.


It’s interface is minimal by design.




The Toolbar on the top contains the Group & Ungroup, Copy & Paste, Arrange and Undo & Redo actions.

This actions can be also controlled using keyboard shortcuts.

Editing area

You can select any existing element on the page in the middle.

Learn more about content editing.



Adjust the style, set interactivity and transformation properties of the selected element using the Inspector on the right side of the Editor.

Learn more about Styles, Transformations, Interactivity and Animations.

Left menu

Add and manage elements in your course using the buttons on the left side of the Editor.

Pages panel


Pages panel on the left lists all the pages in your course.

Learn more about Pages.

Add Element panel


You can add new content using Add Element panel that lists various types of elements that you can choose from.

Learn more about Text, Image, Box, Video and Button elements.

Upload button


To use your own media within your design, use the Upload button, select files from your local device and upload them to the cloud.

Learn more about Media uploads.

Save, Preview & Publish buttons


You can save or publish your course by clicking on buttons at the top right corner of the page.

Learn more about Saving, Previewing and Publishing.

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• 06/28/2020, 03:02 Edited
How can you add multiple modules in the same course?
• 06/28/2020, 03:01
How do you add a quiz with score calculation?

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