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Elements can be grouped together, so you can position them, resize, rotate, scale, skew as one element.

Creating a group

You can create group by following steps:

  1. Hold down the Shift key
  2. Click on elements you want to group together.
  3. Use keyboard shortcut Ctrl + G or button in toolbar to group selected elements.

Keep in mind: You cannot group elements placed in different Areas, Areas itself and you cannot create nested groups.

To cancel multi-selection and deselect any selected elements, release the Shift key and click anywhere in editing area.

Ungrouping group

To ungroup elements just select the group and use keyboard shortcut Shift + Ctrl + G or button in toolbar.

Keep in mind: If the group was transformed (rotated, scaled,...) or has any interaction applied, this information will be lost when you do ungroup.

Resizing group

Group cannot be resized using basic Width and Height properties and Scale has to be used instead.

To resize the group:

  1. Select the group you want to resize.
  2. Scroll down in Inspector panel on the right to the Scale section.
  3. Set Scale X and Scale Y according to your needs.
    Note: To constrain proportion of the group, set both values to the same value, ex. 150%.

To reset scale to default set all scale properties to 100%.

Control group transparency

You can make the group transparent, Select a group and use Inspector panel on the right side of the screen to adjust the Opacity property in Transparency section.

More about Opacity.

Transforming group

To rotate, scale or skew the box, select the box in page and use Inspector panel on the right to set any 2D or 3D transformation.

To reset transformation to default, set values for Rotate to 0º, for Scale to 100% and for skew to 0º.

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