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Creating & editing course

Options to create and edit course

There are many options how to create and edit e-learning course to be published via Edjet platform.

A common way is to use an authoring tool (course builder or course maker).

Here is a short list of some of them:

Vendor & Product Platform Website
Edjet Editor Web-based, multiplatform (Chrome, Firefox)
Articulate Storyline Desktop, Windows
Adobe Captivate Desktop, Windows/MacOS
Trivantis Lectora Desktop/Web-based, Windows

Authoring tool is essentially a software tool that allow you to add course content (texts, images, videos) and also add interactivity and animations.

To publish the course to your audience you have to export the course from authoring tool to an interchange format like SCORM or TinCan which can be then imported into your LMS.

The difference between Edjet Editor and other

  • Installation & Maintenance: Edjet is not needed to be installed or maintained. Just visit in your browser.
  • Editing ease: Editing is simple, without any complicated stuff.
  • Preview & publish speed: Edjet is a web-based application, which is the same environment as the courses are presented. This results in many benefits like a 100% accurate live preview with a zero time needed for preview and publishing. Both is just instant.
  • Backup & versioning: Edjet offer a highly durable storage and unlimited course history for free.
  • No exporting: If you publish you courses to Edjet platform, there is no need for you to export the course from authoring tool to an interchange format like SCORM or TinCan need to be then imported into LMS. Just click Publish.
  • Price tag: Edjet editor is completely free even for commercial use.

Edjet Editor

Edjet offer a multi-platform, easy to use and completely free authoring tool which runs in your browser.

Find out more about using Edjet Editor or see the features.

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