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Sell e-learning assets

Everything you need to sell templates, SCORM and other e-learning resources and digital downloads.

Sell your works to buyers
on Edjet marketplace

Make money online

Once your digital asset is live on our marketplace, customers will be able to discover and purchase it. Earn money every time anybody purchases your item.

Get free marketing

Unleash all the marketing power from Get organic traffic, paid promotion for your digital downloads and get featured on Home page. Use built-in tools to grow your business.

Make e-learning better

Discover your potential and inspire creators around the world. Help them advance their courses, save tons of work, learn new skills by using your e-learning in their creative works.

Vibrant community

Become an author and join community of like minded creative designers, e-learning designers, instructional designers or even photographers.

Reach more customers

Change your life by connecting with new customers on a new markets, in any language. Expand your reach towards business and enterprises around the world.

Get support along the way

Use our resources and knowledge to create best selling works using our resource center for authors. Our resources are packed with insights, examples, and opportunities.

Exceptional opportunities

$10 billion

Educational digital assets

115 million

Businesses worldwide


International regions

Let’s change the game, together.

How it works

Fill out your profile

Start building relationships and developing your very own brand and reputation in Edjet marketplace.

Provide your PayPal

Complete your payout and tax information form to avoid any unnecessary taxes.

Choose topic

Create when you want

Use our resource to create successful items when you want, once.

Create what you want

Upload any kind of digital assets you have – Storyline templates, Powerpoint templates, SCORM courses, cutout characters or even icons.

Content creation

Publish and monetize

Set prices and publish your item to our marketplace.

Let us promote

Once your item is live, we will help you to make your item a success.

Sell and earn

Flexible licensing

A range of purchase options help you to get maximum from your downloadable content (DLC).

Regular license

Sell your item to be used by one client in a single end product which is going to be free to the end users.

Extended license

Sell your item to be used by one client in a single end product which can be sold to the end users.

Edjet Unlimited Coming soon

Unlimited item downloads! Curated library of useful e-learning resources – image environments, backgrounds, tools, isolated objects and quality fonts to be used within your designs.

Success Stories

In their words

I am working as a teacher and I use Edjet as a great passive income generator.

VikRU, Moscow

We do more sales than trough any other marketplace out there!

COVER MEDIA, Brno, Czech Republic

Coaching is hard so now I can spent more time with my family...

MissCoach, Boston

Edjet set us aside world class publishers which we can compete to RIGHT NOW.

SkillPub, New Delhi, India

Zero investment, low seller fee

Start selling without any money, get all the marketing power from Edjet and pay low fee only when you earn.



$10,000 in sales


$75,000 in sales


$500,000 in sales

Seller fee 35% 25% 20% 15%
Monthly fee $0 $0 $0 $0
Marketplace listing (organic) check check check check
Paid channel acquisition check check check check
Get featured on Edjet Blog check check check
Badge on your profile Edjet Power Seller Edjet Elite Seller Edjet Top Seller
Your items featured on Home Page 1 2
Your profile featured on Home Page check
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