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Edjet Studio

Manage and track all your e-learning activities

An easy and cost-effective way of running of your team's training, manage your training content, track costs and more.


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Learning management


Invite your teammates to Edjet with a few clicks. Any team mate will be notified also when he gain access to some course.

Team management

Manage your teammates with ease. View a people-focused reporting. You can block any team member from accessing Edjet with one click.

Certificate management Coming soon Paid

Certificates can be issued automatically upon course completion. If the course certificate has limited validity, Edjet will alert you about the expiration within renewal period so learner has enough time to renew the certificate.

Create collections Coming soon

Create a list of courses that other people can follow. It is a predefined way learner should or must take through a range of courses to build knowledge more progressively.

Content management

Host & track SCORM courses

Upload and host your SCORM 2004 & 1.2 courses to be instantly delivered to your team or anybody else worldwide. Easily, securely and at any scale.


You will be automatically notified when any of your teammates add a course to the wishlist. You can approve a purchase to make your team smarter.

Custom quote Coming soon

Did not find a satisfacotry offerings? Want anything special? Place a custom inquiry directly to the publisher.

Seat manager Coming soon

You can assign bought seats to the individual people and view statistics of remaining unused seats for each course or whole account.

Apply to the managed courses only.

Course history

Edjet will never let you down when something went wrong with your course content. We store all revisions you've made so you can easily go back to any time and revert any changes done.

Course content reviews Coming soon

A set of tools where Authors can review content with Subject Matter Experts, Stakeholders and others to collaborate on content creation.

Tracking & Analytics

Dashboard Coming soon

Stay on top of your training activities. Edjet’s well-designed dashboard provide exactly the data you’re looking for with no unnecessary clutter or frills.

Training progress Coming soon

Gain insight about your learner's progress drilled down to course level. Edjet’s well-designed reports provide exactly the data you’re looking for with no unnecessary clutter or frills.

For sellers

Sales tools Coming soon

Set of tools allow seller to set the price of the course and publish the paid course to public. You can also negotiate a custom inquiries.

Revenues withdrawal Coming soon

Withdraw your bank to your PayPal account.

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