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Everything what Edjet can do for you,
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Interactive courses

Maximize learning engagement with a highly interactive and animated courses full of multimedia content.

Edit, reuse, enhance

Edjet native courses can be fully edited using our online course editor. You can start quickly with someone's else course. Add your brand, customize texts, change anything.

Directly from experts

Our content is constantly created and updated by publishers, world’s leading experts, independent instructors, professionals and teachers all around the world which truly cares about the topic.

Quality rating

Quality indication is ensured by various ratings – number of enrollments, likes, dislikes and comments from community of learners and other buyers. Together with internal reviews and reporting of inappropriate content Edjet ensures the best quality indication on the market.

Search & filter

Fully searchable catalog of courses that you can search by name, tags and descriptions lets you find quickly for what you need.

Topic for every purpose Help wanted

Access a library of hundreds interactive ready made courses on basically everything. Business, education, mandatory, lifestyle. You name it.

Free courses Help wanted

Anybody can access a catalog of attractive free courses. Any time. Free of charge, no ads.

Mandatory training Help wanted

Edjet offer wide-range of mandatory courses created and updated nonstop by publishers and instructors all around the world.

Drive learning forward

Enable your employees to learn skills they need anytime, anywhere, on any device.

Comment on course

Comments give you an easy way to engage with other people on Edjet. You can view and contribute to the conversation, ask for help or just endorse a great course and it's creator.

Host & track SCORM courses

Upload and host your SCORM 2004 & 1.2 courses to be instantly delivered to your team or anybody else worldwide. Easily, securely and at any scale.

Explore new courses

Dig in the catalog and find the right courses for you or your team. There is so many great content out there.

Create collections Coming soon

Create a list of courses that other people can follow. It is a predefined way learner should or must take through a range of courses to build knowledge more progressively.


You will be automatically notified when any of your teammates add a course to the wishlist. You can approve a purchase to make your team smarter.


You can see all courses you enrolled to in one place. List can be filtered by enrollment status so you can see which courses are enrolled, in progress or completed.

Instructor & community support

Your learners can ask questions about course topic directly the instructor or the community. That gives them the power to get the information they need, when they need it.

Available only for managed courses (variant Access).

Team management

Manage your teammates with ease. View a people-focused reporting. You can block any team member from accessing Edjet with one click.

Branded Site

Provide a very own space to your learners, customers or partners. A single place where they can access all your courses in the easiest way. You can control site privacy, look and feel and couple of other things. After all, it’s yours e-learning homepage.

Certificate management Coming soon Paid

Certificates can be issued automatically upon course completion. If the course certificate has limited validity, Edjet will alert you about the expiration within renewal period so learner has enough time to renew the certificate.


Invite your teammates to Edjet with a few clicks. Any team mate will be notified also when he gain access to some course.

Dashboard Coming soon

Stay on top of your training activities. Edjet’s well-designed dashboard provide exactly the data you’re looking for with no unnecessary clutter or frills.

Training progress Coming soon

Gain insight about your learner's progress drilled down to course level. Edjet’s well-designed reports provide exactly the data you’re looking for with no unnecessary clutter or frills.

Powerful course authoring

Best-in class, fully web-based e-learning course authoring capabilities that allow you to easily build stunning interactive online courses.

Stunning templates Coming soon

Choose from plenty of fully-customizable course templates, with all the latest design trends and features to create amazing learning experience easily.

Intuitive course editor

Our user-friendly drag n’ drop course builder lets you easily customize your course. You can change anything, like images, text & layout – no creative limits, no coding needed.

One click publishing

Publish your course instantly with a single click as HTML5 Single Page Application (SPA) to be instantly delivered to your users using global cloud infrastructure.

Course privacy Paid

Protect your courses using convenient access control tools. Allow any team member to view the course, or make a list of people that only can view the course (Access list). For people outside your team use password option.

Sharing courses

To share course with your learners can't be more easier. Just copy-and-paste link and you are done.

Deliver on any device

Modern and fast to load HTML5 output ensures that your learning content works perfectly on any device – from tablet to giant touch screen.

Course history

Edjet will never let you down when something went wrong with your course content. We store all revisions you've made so you can easily go back to any time and revert any changes done.

Course review Coming soon

Get feedback and finish faster with Edjet review. Invite anybody to see the latest version and to comment on particular course page. You can easily view, resolve, and respond to their feedback, on one place, keeping everyone in sync.

Fullscreen mode

Edjet offer best learning experience in industry – a unique concept of invisible LMS. There is no course player, just your content, that can be switch to fullscreen mode. Websites does not have player either.

Media uploads

Use your own media within your course design. Wide set of images and videos format is supported, including animated gifs and HTML5 videos.

Free course hosting

Our global cloud infrastructure keeps your e-learning environment safe and reliable. Hosted courses loads fast, no matter where in the world your users are.

Templates for every purpose Coming soon

Edjet offers plenty of templates in over 17 template categories. No matter what type of e-learning course you need – business, soft-skills, health care, safety – we’ve got you covered.

Everything is customizable

Make your course unique. Take our designs and change anything – pictures, backgrounds, colors, fonts and text with the click of a button.

Engaging interactions

Edjet comes with a range of events and actions to create almost any interaction you can imagine, in seconds.

Outstanding animations

Bring your course to life with fluid entrance, exit or emphasis animation effects. Easily make any element fade, bounce, flip, roll, spin, stretch, zoom or expand by choosing any from almost 100 animation presets available.

Quizzing in freestyle

Easily assess your learners' progress with question-like interactions. Turn elements on page into an engaging, decision-making activity, without any programming.

Branching scenarios

Using interactions you can design a unique, non-linear learning experience. Learner's progress within a course is adapting to his decisions and enable a new content.

Unlimited pages

Add as many pages to your course as you want. You can reorder pages anytime for beautifully organized content.

Undo & redo

Unlimited undo capabilities lets you undo or redo changes while editing your course.


Elements in your document can be grouped so they will appear as one element.

Arranging elements

Control which elements are displayed in front and which are in the back of others.

Keyboard shortcuts

Boost your work using keyboard shortcuts for most often used commands such as copy & paste, group & ungroup, undo & redo and other.

Course layout

Edjet lets you arrange the content on your course's pages with a freedom. Adjustable page height adapts according to your design needs. Create short pages, like slide, or long scrolling pages. Header and footer have the same look and feel across multiple pages.

Element styles

Make your content look beautiful. Easily edit any element on page, change colors and effects. Style can be animated in response to any event using interactions.

Reusable styles Coming soon

With reusable styles, you can assign style to many elements and than change it on one place. Style can be animated in response to any event using interactions.

Page transitions Coming soon

Choose from many page transitions including horizontal and vertical swipe, cross fade, out-in and more to add professional-looking transitions to your course.

Image editing

You can instantly rotate, crop and resize images right while creating content without creating multiple versions of your files.

Free images & fonts Coming soon

Curated library of useful e-learning images – environments, backgrounds, tools, isolated objects and quality fonts to be used within your designs. All free from Edjet.

Photographic characters Paid

Collection of 3 photographic cutout characters with over 600 adjustable poses and expressions.

Free with any paid plan.


Add videos to create visual impact or explain products and services in extremely attractive way. Upload videos from your local disc to be securely hosted in our cloud, or embed any YouTube or Vimeo video.

Note: Edjet support any HTML5 compatible video formats: MP4, WebM, and Ogg. FREE plan is limited to max 15MB upload file size.

Scalable shapes Coming soon

Customizable shapes to be used within your courses. Basic geometric shapes, arrows, symbols and more.

Your brand

Show your team or anybody else a familiar look and feel by adding your logo, background image, Edjet link, web address and social accounts.

Custom homepage Vote for this

Team manager can customize the homepage by adding various widgets like team notifications, calendar or other.

Like or dislike

Liking a course is a quick way to let a course creator know that you enjoy their work. Liking or disliking is also a way to share your opinion about course quality with other people.

Activity feed

Your teammates can see what is going on with your training. Feed on a homepage shows aside other events, new courses or course collections available to the team members.

Discussion tab Vote for this

You can turn on the discussion tab that will display comments on your Site.

Private mode

Private site can be viewed only by team members, that aren’t blocked.

Public mode Coming soon

Public site can be viewed by anybody, even anonymous users.

Quality indication

Enable a Quality indication widget showing your statistics to be more reliable for your customers.

Subscribe button Coming soon

Let your customers subsribe to your activity feed to be notified about new courses available.

Share courses

Any course can be easily shared with other people by link. You can share it on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

Custom quote Coming soon

Did not find a satisfacotry offerings? Want anything special? Place a custom inquiry directly to the publisher.

Seat manager Coming soon

You can assign bought seats to the individual people and view statistics of remaining unused seats for each course or whole account.

Apply to the managed courses only.

Course content reviews Coming soon

A set of tools where Authors can review content with Subject Matter Experts, Stakeholders and others to collaborate on content creation.

Sales tools Coming soon

Set of tools allow seller to set the price of the course and publish the paid course to public. You can also negotiate a custom inquiries.

Revenues withdrawal Coming soon

Withdraw your bank to your PayPal account.

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