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Your learning content, delivered

This is next-gen online learning for all.

Deliver your training online

You can upload any kind of training content.

Take your presentation, your video, your PDF – even Microsoft Office files or SCORM and share it with anybody you want.

Upload your files

All your training content is private, until you decide to share it.

You can invite others to view, protect it with password, choose exactly who sees it or share it with the world.

Privacy settings

Any course can be easily shared with other people by link. You can share it on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

You can add an Edjet course to a website or blog by embedding it. Coming soon

Share and embed courses

Keep tabs on who’s seen what – all in one place.

Track who opens the content, see their progress and completition status, or downloads.

Track progress

Edjet empowers you to deliver and track learning all by yourself.

There is nothing to take care of. No more waiting for those slow IT guys. You can start right now.

No maintenance

Drag & drop your files to create your custom training.

It's easy to reorder your modules within a training or duplicate the whole course. You can also embed your content from other sites – YouTube, Vimeo, Slideshare and many more.

Content creation

Import ready-made content from our marketplace into your own training.

Download templates, courseware or other e-learning assets and customize them to fit your specific needs.

Ready-made creation

Connect with us and our growing community of like-minded people.

Our professinal support is always ready to help you. You can also browse our tutorials and videos or download a free resources.

Live support

Facebook: (coming soon)
Available on working days from 8:00 to 18:00 CET
Available in English, French, Czech and Slovak language.

Tutorials and videos

Help Center:
YouTube channel:

Outages info


Showcase your content to anybody at a glance.

Edjet provide a great experience no matter where your learners are or what device they use.

Happy user :-)

Spice up your training with interactive content – quizzes, branched scenarios, simulations or even games.

Your can also create engaging interactions using our free Editor app.

Interactive content

Learners that enjoyed your work can like each piece of learning content.

Use comments or include Google Forms, surveys, and leverage other tools to collect information from your users that helps you understand and serve them better.

Learner feedback

Easily add your branding to the training you deliver.

Make sure your teammates, partners or customers can tell it's your training – from custom profile to email templates.

Your logo

Use our Editor app to create truly interactive modules to be included right in your training.

You can create branched content, freeform quizzes and use animations and multimedia. Any changes are propagated from Editor to live content immediately on publish.

Authoring tool

Connect Edjet to your own domain or website.

Build your very own academy – completely remove Edjet brand, use your custom domain name and get total control over look and feel via custom CSS.

Branded profile

Become Edjet Author

Upload your e-learning digital items and earn on every download.

Become Edjet Affiliate Coming soon

Deploy our affiliate program and earn a commision of the transaction a new buyer make.

Support 24/7

Live support

Our professinal support is always here to help you with any problem you will be facing. Reach us at

Available in English and French language only.

Tutorials and videos

Search through our tutorials, post your own questions or get step-by-step help with many training videos.

A great tools for free

Free Course Builder

Edjet Editor is easy to use authoring tool that seamlessly integrates with the rest of the Edjet platform or any SCORM compliant learning management system out there. There are no limits on amount of courses or content developers.

Free Course Hosting

Any public courses, including SCORM courses or courses created with Edjet Editor, are hosted completely for free*.

*Fair user policy may apply.

Free LMS

Edjet offer set of easy to use tools to establish completely free learning management system (LMS) for your team, company, class or school. There is no limit on amount of users.

Do you want even more? Check out our Business plans.

Unlimited users

Edjet is free to use for as long as you want for teams of all sizes.

Supercharge your e-learning with Edjet.
It’s easy and free.

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