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KrySa 24 enrollments • 1 likes

This mini course is an overview of the key changes over the previous law - key changes based on the Fourth Directive.

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Aleat195 24 enrollments • 2 likes

This course is designed to protect employees and help prevent serious property loss from fires. It provides information on the identification of the various classes of fires,…

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Welcome_FinAcctg Powerpoint

Achievers 23 enrollments • 11 likes

The primary goal of accounting education is to produce competent and ethical professional accountants capable of making a positive contribution over their lifetimes to the…

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Your Team 21 enrollments • 1 likes

Become a certified blockchain professional.

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THE IDM 19 enrollments • 0 likes

Your customers should be at the heart of everything you do, but how well do you really know them? In this lesson, you will learn how to identify your key customers, research…

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Communication Strategies mode_edit Editable

Your Team 16 enrollments • 0 likes

English for Communication

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ITeam 15 enrollments • 1 likes

Online course General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is an overview of compliance regulations, your responsibilities under GDPR, and how to report a non-compliance issue.

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Hawking eTraining 14 enrollments • 4 likes

In this training you will learn how to conduct Google meet/live sessions and how you can incorporate other tools to engage your students while in a live or pre-recorded session…

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OKC Zoo JCs 12 enrollments • 0 likes

Safety training for 2021-2022 Junior Curator Teen Volunteers

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ielts7band 12 enrollments • 1 likes

Get trained in IELTS by enrolling for the IELTS Training online. Take IELTS practice tests as many times as you want and improve your IELTS skills. Get the best score in IELTS now…

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