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Personal development

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Comprehension Course mode_edit Editable

ToR Legacy 4 enrollments • 2 likes

Comprehension Course helps you to understand the rudiments of comprehension and apply it to every reading activity. All you need to navigate complex and boring text without…

Free course
LearningPlanet 3 enrollments • 0 likes

During this 6 module video course we will cover the following topics: Answering the Telephone Award winning telephone techniques part 1 Award winning telephone techniques part 2…

Starting at $10.00
Spazio International 3 enrollments • 0 likes

We believe that every female is capable of acquiring that high-profile knowledge. In our friendly environment, you won’t have any difficulties and we will help you overcome any…

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Visionary Leadership mode_edit Editable

Wonet Media Services 2 enrollments • 1 likes

How you can grow to become a Leader

Free course
Tim Piccirillo 2 enrollments • 0 likes

"Anchoring" is a neuro-linguistic programming technique that will enable you to go from being frustrated, angry or upset to a more resourceful state of mind--literally in an…

Free course
Your Team 2 enrollments • 0 likes

Free course
TechTrain 2 enrollments • 0 likes

Excel is Microsoft’s powerful and easy-to-use spreadsheet program. This course is intended to help all novice computer users get up to speed with Excel quickly. It covers…

Starting at $25.00
WBI (In Progress) 2 enrollments • 1 likes

Explore the fundamentals of basic Bible doctrine in this course.

Free course
H2O Applied Tech 1 enrollments • 0 likes

Video demonstration of a rebuild of a Momentum Flush Valve.

Free course
Sentinel 9 1 enrollments • 1 likes

At the core of business in the 21st Century is competitive advantage and sustainable business. Technology advances have enabled organizational agility and responsiveness. It has…

Starting at $10.00
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