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Personal development

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MIAlab TEAM 53 enrollments • 41 likes

El proceso MIA® proporciona a los participantes las herramientas y prácticas para aplicar eficazmente el pensamiento estratégico Misión Facilitar a las personas y organizaciones,…

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Your Team 4 enrollments • 2 likes

Hi In This Book e have any information about a hackig and wordpress and hardwhere ...........

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Your Team 3 enrollments • 0 likes

English for Communication

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Keen and Associates 2 enrollments • 0 likes

This e-learning course covered the requirements of the CSA standard Z460-13 and covers the Lock out tag out requirements for industry

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Learning.Design 1 enrollments • 0 likes

Being a great team member means knowing your strengths and when to ask for help. Regular check-ins are key to an engaged and productive team, that's feeling great.

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Your Team 1 enrollments • 2 likes

Mindfulness into Action comienza con la reflexión de que muchos problemas personales y sociales se dan por suposiciones que tenemos a un nivel del subconsciente. Actuando en este…

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COVER MEDIA 1 enrollments • 0 likes

Tento kurz je určen pro získání základních znalostí při práci s programem MS Excel.

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WBI (In Progress) 0 enrollments • 0 likes

Explore the fundamentals of basic Bible doctrine in this course.

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Intro to Reflection 0 enrollments • 0 likes

The aim of this module is to introduce First Year students to the approach and methods of reflective practice by raising their self-awareness and developing a better understanding…

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Web and app 0 enrollments • 0 likes

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