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Most popular SCORM courses

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Eye Lesson SCORM

Your Team 55 enrollments • 3 likes

Learn about the eye anatomy. The eye is a complex optical annotation indicator - very similar to a camera. Vision begins when light enters the eye through the annotation indicator…

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Fornever 38 enrollments • 3 likes

When you imagine the future, is it one you'd wish for? Is your ideal future achievable? What steps can you take? Using Visioning and Backcasting is a good place to start...

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shanlan_97 9 enrollments • 4 likes

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Fornever 7 enrollments • 0 likes

Human activities have caused climate change. But it's not too late. We can stop it getting worse. We need big thinking and big changes. Systems innovation and transitions…

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Gemini 0 enrollments • 1 likes

VAT Chargeable event and Taxable amount: the course covers the questions: ‘When does the chargeable event take place and VAT become chargeable?’ and ‘On what is VAT calculated?’ …

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