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English for Communication

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Get trained in IELTS by enrolling for the IELTS Training online. Take IELTS practice tests as many times as you want and improve your IELTS skills. Get the best score in IELTS now…

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HumbleBeeshareU 8 enrollments • 1 likes

Have you been living an extraordinary life? Have you survived something? Lost someone? Overcome? Do you have a great idea? Do you have a need to share to help others but just don…

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1. Students will be able to find, use, and evaluate primary academic writing associated with the communication discipline 2. Students will be able to understand the types of…

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ToR Legacy 4 enrollments • 2 likes

Comprehension Course helps you to understand the rudiments of comprehension and apply it to every reading activity. All you need to navigate complex and boring text without…

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How to give a good presentation.

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- commonly used discussion techniques - discussion techniques and adequate expressions

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periodic table

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- elements that should be included in presentation's introduction

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