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MIAlab TEAM 58 enrollments • 41 likes

El proceso MIA® proporciona a los participantes las herramientas y prácticas para aplicar eficazmente el pensamiento estratégico Misión Facilitar a las personas y organizaciones,…

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Eye Lesson SCORM

Your Team 55 enrollments • 3 likes

Learn about the eye anatomy. The eye is a complex optical annotation indicator - very similar to a camera. Vision begins when light enters the eye through the annotation indicator…

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Mandred 54 enrollments • 7 likes

Variational thinking, and algebraic and analytical systems/ Standard Competencie: Identify relations between properties of the graphs and properties of algebraic equations.

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Safted 43 enrollments • 2 likes

This course will provide a basic overview of the mobile application landscape in terms of Android devices, development, and operating system. Content development for mobile…

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Fornever 38 enrollments • 3 likes

When you imagine the future, is it one you'd wish for? Is your ideal future achievable? What steps can you take? Using Visioning and Backcasting is a good place to start...

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Your Team 30 enrollments • 1 likes

Become a certified blockchain professional.

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Your Team 21 enrollments • 0 likes

English for Communication

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ielts7band 14 enrollments • 1 likes

Get trained in IELTS by enrolling for the IELTS Training online. Take IELTS practice tests as many times as you want and improve your IELTS skills. Get the best score in IELTS now…

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Enrich Innovation 10 enrollments • 0 likes

Course Description: This course is designed to introduce students to the fundamentals of arrays and data structures. It covers the concepts of upper and lower bounds, selecting…

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MSDL 9 enrollments • 0 likes

From cell phones to MP3 players to digital cameras, computers are changing our everyday lives. This course introduces you to digital technologies, including digital audio, digital…

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