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MIAlab TEAM 53 enrollments • 41 likes

El proceso MIA® proporciona a los participantes las herramientas y prácticas para aplicar eficazmente el pensamiento estratégico Misión Facilitar a las personas y organizaciones,…

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Safted 11 enrollments • 1 likes

This course will provide a basic overview of the mobile application landscape in terms of Android devices, development, and operating system. Content development for mobile…

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Eye Lesson SCORM

Your Team 8 enrollments • 2 likes

Learn about the eye anatomy. The eye is a complex optical annotation indicator - very similar to a camera. Vision begins when light enters the eye through the annotation indicator…

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Fornever 6 enrollments • 2 likes

When you imagine the future, is it one you'd wish for? Is your ideal future achievable? What steps can you take? Using Visioning and Backcasting is a good place to start...

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MSDL 5 enrollments • 0 likes

From cell phones to MP3 players to digital cameras, computers are changing our everyday lives. This course introduces you to digital technologies, including digital audio, digital…

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Mandred 5 enrollments • 6 likes

Variational thinking, and algebraic and analytical systems/ Standard Competencie: Identify relations between properties of the graphs and properties of algebraic equations.

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Your Team 4 enrollments • 0 likes

Become a certified blockchain professional.

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Your Team 3 enrollments • 0 likes

English for Communication

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Your Team 2 enrollments • 0 likes

Instructor Guide: Contains all textbook information plus this preface, icebreakers, activities, delivery tips, and more! Copyright All rights reserved world-wide under…

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rockers 1 enrollments • 1 likes

periodic table

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