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MIAlab TEAM 58 enrollments • 41 likes

El proceso MIA® proporciona a los participantes las herramientas y prácticas para aplicar eficazmente el pensamiento estratégico Misión Facilitar a las personas y organizaciones,…

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Your Team 30 enrollments • 1 likes

Become a certified blockchain professional.

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ielts7band 14 enrollments • 1 likes

Get trained in IELTS by enrolling for the IELTS Training online. Take IELTS practice tests as many times as you want and improve your IELTS skills. Get the best score in IELTS now…

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Blak Rice 13 enrollments • 0 likes

In this course, you will learn how to navigate in Excel to execute basic functions such as: - navigating in an Excel spreadsheet - Entering text - Entering numbers - Formatting…

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TGM Education 7 enrollments • 0 likes

About StudyAdelaide - Understand the overview of StudyAdelaide, Where Adelaide is located, how student-friendly it is. Also, learn about the migration pathways to South Australia.…

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Fortitude 6 enrollments • 0 likes

An online training for individuals wanting to volunteer at the Fortitude Community Outreach homeless shelter.

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Enrich Innovation 4 enrollments • 0 likes

At the end of this course students will be able to according to the Cambridge AS and A level standard 1. Define precisely what Primary Memory is. 2. Determine the different types…

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rockers 3 enrollments • 1 likes

periodic table

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Tulonge afya 1 enrollments • 0 likes

Free online course to all SBC officers

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Your Team 1 enrollments • 0 likes

Measurement and evaluation are independent concepts. Evaluation is a process that uses measurements. In the evaluation process, information is interpreted according to established…

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