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AlShamoon 12 enrollments • 4 likes

The Advanced Spear Phishing module covers topics on: identifying three types of advanced spear phishing techniques, identifying indicators of an advanced spear phishing email, and…

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CyberTrain 11 enrollments • 0 likes

The Cybersecurity Awareness: Passwords online course covers topics: - the different cyber-attacks that put your password at risk, - what is a strong password, - how to manage…

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KrySa 4 enrollments • 1 likes

This mini course is an overview of the key changes over the previous law - key changes based on the Fourth Directive.

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Gadgetless 2 enrollments • 0 likes

The Security Outside the Office module covers topics on: attack methods that put your information at risk, the risks of using a portable storage device, the difference between a…

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Wag's 2 enrollments • 2 likes

How to communicate better to maintain health client relations. Fail to communicate can lead to: - loss time - loss financial - legal issues This course covers: - Impacts of…

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Wag's 2 enrollments • 0 likes

Learn how to review contracts. - Importance of written contracts - Key contract concepts - Types of agreements - How to review client-generated agreements - Where to find help An…

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Learning.Design 1 enrollments • 0 likes

Being a great team member means knowing your strengths and when to ask for help. Regular check-ins are key to an engaged and productive team, that's feeling great.

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Bleuprint 1 enrollments • 1 likes

Instagram Blueprint 100%

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EC EU VAT 1 enrollments • 0 likes

Después de estudiar el curso de Introducción al IVA, usted: - Ser capaz de explicar los principios clave de la Directiva del IVA. - Demostrar un entendimiento de la Directiva del…

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EC EU VAT 1 enrollments • 0 likes

Nach dem Studium der Einführung der Mehrwertsteuer, werden Sie: - In der Lage sein, die Grundprinzipien der Mehrwertsteuerrichtlinie zu erläutern. - Ein Verständnis der…

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